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In the Senate race in Virginia George Allen debated Tim Kaine the other night and right off moderator David Gregory – thinking of Mitt Romney and the 47% – pointed out one million Virginians do not pay any taxes. Then asked Kaine, Do you believe everyone should pay something?
In other words, he asked Kaine if he agreed with the Tea Party’s position – and challenged Kaine to take a tougher stand than Mitt Romney on taxing the 47%.
To everyone’s surprise Kaine said Yes – he was open to the idea of a minimum tax.
So what happened?
The next morning the National Republican Senate Committee put out a press release blasting Kaine, telling voters he wants to “raise taxes on everyone in Virginia.”
And that’s how politics works.
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# Carbine
Monday, September 24, 2012 5:12 PM
WHAT? Politicians being disingenuous? Well who'd a-thunk it?

I can only think of one form of life lower than the lying, thieving politicians who do such things. And that is the paid political consultants who come up with those strategies in the first place.

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