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Forget the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Forget the attacks on Erskine Bowles when he ran for Senate. Republicans now desperately embrace Bubba and Bowles.
Why? Because they can’t find a respected Republican to cite. Certainly not George W. Bush, who blew up the Clinton-Bowles balanced budget and gave us this recession.
Instead, they slobber over Clinton’s welfare reform. And (mis)quote Bowles to bolster the Romney-Ryan budget. Never mind the facts: do anything to make it look like we’re just like our buddies Bill and Erskine.
Clearly, Republicans realize they’re in danger of going too far right. So they reach for a centrist lifeboat and – behold – find two Southern Democrats.
But this opens Republicans up to the inevitable counterattack. Wait until Clinton lays into them at the convention. And read how Bowles compares the Romney-Ryan budget plan with Obama’s:
“This month, Romney said that his tax reform proposal is ‘very similar to the Simpson-Bowles plan.’ How I wish it were. I will be the first to cheer if Romney decides to embrace our plan. Unfortunately, the numbers say otherwise: His reform plan leaves too many tax breaks in place and, as a result, does nothing to reduce the debt.
“The ‘zero plan’ our commission recommended offered both parties an appealing bargain: lower tax rates for everyone in return for sweeping reduction in tax loopholes of every stripe. Taxpayers and the economy would benefit from a vastly simpler Tax Code, and getting rid of loopholes would produce more than $1 trillion of the $4 trillion needed in deficit reduction. Our commission produced an alternative plan showing how much individual rates would need to go up, and who would have to pay for them, if lawmakers decided to preserve certain tax expenditures.
“The most important lesson Al [Simpson] and I learned on the commission is that to fix the debt, everything must be on the table. Americans everywhere have told us that as long as the sacrifice is shared, they are ready to do their part. The surest way to doom deficit reduction is to play favorites by taking things off the table.
“So although I give Romney credit for pledging to reform the Tax Code to reduce loopholes, his current proposal will not take us to the promised land. Our commission’s tax plan broadens the base, simplifies the code, reduces tax expenditures and generates $1 trillion for deficit reduction while making the Tax Code more progressive. The Romney plan, by sticking to revenue-neutrality and leaving in place tax breaks, would raise taxes on the middle class and do nothing to shrink the deficit….
“Obama hasn’t gone as far in cutting spending, particularly in health care, as is necessary to stabilize the debt at a reasonable level and keep it on a downward path as a percentage of the gross domestic product. But in contrast to Romney, the president — like the ‘Gang of Six’ and other like-minded members of both parties — has embraced the central principle of Simpson-Bowles: that America will turn the corner on its debt only if Republicans and Democrats come together to support a balanced deficit-reduction plan. For the numbers to work, both parties need to put aside partisanship.”
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# dap916
Wednesday, August 15, 2012 4:45 PM
All great're good at that Gary, gotta give it to ya.

But, this part of what you're saying is so ridiculous: "And read how Bowles compares the Romney-Ryan budget plan with Obama’s"

Um...Obama has a budget plan? Really? Well, here we sit in America with three years of the democrat-led U.S. Senate not passing a budget. Oh..and don't even try to say the republicans haven't tried to get a budget done...they've passed a budget on any number of occasions but the Senate just ignores it/votes it down each and every time for over 3 years now.

I see you pandering to the lesser informed just so much here. Democrats do that just so much by presenting lies and half-truths and statements out of context and so forth so as to make people believe things about candidates...that just aren't true.

I don't know. Maybe, Gary, you're on some kind of government entitlement or you're getting some money from some efforts you make on behalf of the democrats and so you are presenting this junk. Maybe you've just done it so much you actually believe it.. Maybe you honestly believe that we're NOT going toward a socialist society in America and maybe you honestly believe that government should control the major part of our lives. Somehow, I just don't believe that. Somehow, I think you earn your living standing on the left side of the aisle but know, in your heart, even though it's a good living you make...this is the wrong side of the aisle and that our country's future is going to be horribly affected if we do what progressives and Obama & Co. want to happen in America. Have you read the book "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand? It's a long and tedious read but if we see the progressives/liberals taking a majority in our country, this book will eventually be considered genius....even though it is, at times, a sci-fi novel and will be considered today as pure fiction. We're in trouble and we're in trouble because of the way our country is "progressing". If that isn't turned around, you and I, Gary, will be fine because we're well-off and smart enough to make sure of that...but, the masses are going to see something that no one in our country's history would have EVER thought would have happened.

I'm talking to a brick wall, I'm sure. I'm rambling...I know that. But, this is just such an important time in our country's history. We either make the right decision on our country's direction right now...or our country will forever be changed for the worse...possibly forever.

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