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Since their 2010 debacle, Democrats have muttered about an “iron triangle” they believe helped do them in: politically motivated prosecutions, relentless Republican pressure for the investigations and tough media scrutiny. Some even saw a coordinated conspiracy.
So don’t be surprised if they look for payback in the Charles Thomas/lobbyist affair. They want investigations – and testimony under oath – to answer some questions:
Did either Thomas or the lobbyist break any laws?
Did Speaker Tillis know about the relationship?
The N&O quoted Thomas as saying that “every day” in Raleigh there are “trade offs:” lobbyists buy drinks or dinner, “with the idea that it will be made up later.” Presumably, the staffer or legislator pays the next time.
“Really?” said one Democratic lawyer. “That is against the law. Let’s hear more about this practice.”
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# Carbine
Monday, April 30, 2012 1:38 PM
Hey, bring it on! If Thomas or anyone else has any actual evidence of wrong-doing, by all means let's have a look at it. It's one thing to say, as many often do, "Oh you know, that sort of thing happens all the time." It's quite another to put names and dates and places to specific circumstances. That was easy enough when the Democrats where in charge, because so many of them were actual crooks who committed crimes that could be verified through evidence submitted at trial. Now let's see what they've got on the R's. Time to put up or shut up.

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