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Jeanne Bonds, “lead strategist” for Bill Faison’s campaign, posted a comment on my blog below, “Faison Strikes Out (Again) on Twitter?” I’ve removed her comment, because it made an accusation that I know isn't true against another individual. But I’m more than happy to give space to her accusations against me, to wit:
“Gary Pearce Strikes (Out?) Again

“Well, Gary. I think the world of Jim Hunt but I wonder what he would think about you and your drop into the irrelevant/innuendo realm lately. I am not the Campaign Manager. And, I am a volunteer. And, no, we (Bill Faison and I) operate no parody accounts. None. Nada. Comprende?

“Just because a parody copied my tweet without crediting me is irrelevant. Happens all the time on twitter. But you are new to it, right? Well, it shows.

“What are you really worried about Gary? Is it that technology has passed you by or are you just worried about a woman in the world of the good ole boy network of NC political strategy? Shock, the times they are achangin'

“Are you worried that Bill Faison and I talk about real issues? Or are you worried that two people ‘outside the Democratic establishment’ are talking about issues?

“I suggest research. I know you are a novice on twitter and it shows. My husband, Bob Bonds, wrote to a parody who had crossed the line with a personal comment, not a political one. He was defending me. Would you defend your wife if someone did that? Would she defend you?

“My husband went to graduate school with your blog operator, Luther Snyder (a Republican), so he can verify Bob Bonds is ‘real’….
(GARY’S NOTE: At this point, Jeanne accused another individual, a certain Republican, of being the TAPster who questioned whether she was behind the Etheridge parody account. But she is incorrect. That person, whom I don’t know, didn’t do it. In fact, the TAPster is a Democrat.)
Jeanne continued: “(When NAME DELETED) crossed the line and accused me of being a parody, all you have to do is look at the tweets of that parody and you would know it is not me, but him.

“Would I tweet ‘John Edwards is a woman’ ? I don't think so. Or, would I tweet my name as @JennyBonds or would I tweet negatively about me and Bill Faison?. Would I be friends with only Republicans? And more importantly, while you obviously have time to dabble in the insignificant world of twitter gossip, I don't. I am a volunteer. The Tapster (AGAIN, NAME DELETED) has made a fool of you. You have given a liar credibility. And, you don't even know it. Yes, (he) has taken you on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

“Pull down all the tweets and conversations and you may learn something about how twitter really works. Until then, writing about ridiculous things will not change this election. You commented that I ‘take on’ reporters and others. I sure do. I learned from Burley Mitchell, whom you know, that a lie cannot stand so I will take on lies or attempted lies or innuendo when I see them, including here.”

Jeanne, thank you for the response.  I’m glad to get all that straight.
By the way, I wrote that she was Faison’s campaign manager because the News & Observer had reported: “The campaign is being led by chief strategist Jeanne Milliken Bonds, the former Knightdale mayor who helped elect state Supreme Court Justice Burley Mitchell. She is managing her first campaign for governor.”
According to Faison’s news release, cited in the story, his campaign is “being led by chief strategist Jeanne Milliken Bonds.”
Clearly, she’s not the manager. I’ll bet the N&O is embarrassed.
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Jeanne Bonds
# Jeanne Bonds
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 12:48 PM
At least you finally spelled my name correctly.

1. I said xxxx xxxx, a Republican, is responsible for the parody accounts - all of them, as far as I am concerned.

2. I am not the campaign manager, never said I was. I am a volunteer strategist for Bill. I have said it on NC Spin, in my own blog and the press release says "strategist" not campaign manager.

So, I doubt the N and O is embarrassed,

Really, Gary, is there no one else to spar with you? Happy to keep doing it since it is giving you so much needed attention.
# dap916
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 5:23 PM
From Wikipedia:

Specifically: As of 2011, she was the chief strategist for state Rep. Bill Faison.

And, everywhere I've looked, this is what is said about her position in Bonds' campaign. Maybe someone just made a mistake and misstated her position somewhere.
# Carbine
Thursday, March 15, 2012 12:44 PM
"Strategist" "Manager"--what's the difference and who cares? Last place is still last place, no matter what you call the driver who got you there.

Didn't I tell everyone that the Faison campaign would keep us in stitches?

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