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After the Tea Party debate this week, a Florida Tea Party leader put it bluntly: “The Republican Party isn’t going to pick the presidential nominee. We’re going to pick the presidential nominee.”
The candidates then fell all over each other to show their fealty to the crowd. A crowd that, when a moderator asked whether a critically ill young man without health insurance should be allowed to die, shouted “Yes!”
The animals seem to be running the Republican zoo in North Carolina, too.
A knowledgeable Republican told me that several GOP legislators didn’t want to vote for the gay marriage amendment. But, if they didn’t, they feared a caucus challenge to their leadership positions – and even a primary opponent.
They rationalized, as politicians will, that the bad they did will be outweighed by the good they can do by staying in power.
So they went along with a measure that insures North Carolina eight months of publicity as a state that demonizes gay people. That will certainly help attract new jobs and businesses!
Even Dick Cheney is OK with gay marriage: "I think freedom means freedom for everybody, and you ought to have the right to make whatever choice you want to make with respect to your own personal situation." 
We should get to know the people who really run the Republican Party. The way things are going, they’ll be running the country soon.
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# Carbine
Thursday, September 15, 2011 1:28 PM
Why is it that everytime anyone disagrees with a Democrat, the Democrat's reaction is to call that person "crazy" and an "animal?" And this is the party that constantly gripes about the lack of civility in politics.

Anyway, I think the Republican leadership made a big mistake in the way the amendment was worded. It seems to deny to the people the right to regulate civil unions of same-sex people, a step that will be increasingly necessary as more gay people get married and set up house together. Of course gay people get married all the time in North Carolina and will continue to do so, amendment or no amendment. There is no law against it, nor could there possibly be one. This amendment only prevents the state from setting any rules over the many issues that will inevitably arise from these unions, issues dealing with children (gay people do raise kids), inheritence, property rights upon dissolution of the union, etc.

As a conservative I don't like to see government expand into areas it has no business trying to regulate, but these are issues that will have to be dealt with eventually. How can the government do so when it is barred by the Constitution from even recognizing that these unions exist?

Perhaps the biggest mistake of all was buying into the silly and counter-factual rhetoric of terms like "gay marriage ban." That's NOT what the amendment is. And thank God for that. No government has the right to prevent gay people from marrying if they choose, and this amendment, if it passes, will not prevent a single gay couple from getting married. But as long as Republicans continue to think and speak of it in terms of a 'gay marriage ban' they will continue to draw the ire not just of liberals (who are hopeless anyway), but of libertarians and real conservatives who believe (as I do) that the government's proper role is to create the conditions wherein people may live as they choose.

I won't be voting for this amendment, and I will be urging my fellow conservatives to vote against it also.

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