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A focus group this week brought into clear focus the opportunities and challenges facing North Carolina Democrats and Republicans.
A couple of participants said they’re feeling more optimistic about the direction of the state. Why?
“For the first time in a hundred years, we have a legislature that understands where the revenue comes from,” said one.
Heads nodded.
A few minutes later, asked what North Carolina should do to prepare for the future, most all the participants agreed: “Education.”
Republicans can capitalize on the voters’ desire for spending sanity. But will there be a blowback on hurting education?
The opposite is true for Democrats: Can they seize the opportunity on education and regain voters’ trust on spending?
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# dap916
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 5:20 PM
If I was someone that looks to find conspiracy theories...which I hope I'm not...I'd say that you are actually wanting education to be hurt somehow here for the sake of politics.

Nah...I'm not gonna believe you want that. No way any political party or anyone with a political voice would hope our kids are hurt so their party would gain politically.

"Spending sanity". Now, THAT'S something both political parties should be about...agree Gary?

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