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Lo and behold, Art Pope’s Civitas Institute did a poll that found that North Carolina voters agree with – wait for it, yes, Art Pope! – on who is to blame for the recession: government, not business, by 64-22.
But curb your enthusiasm. Look deeper.
Last week, the New York Times did a national poll that asked a similar question – but gave respondents more choices.
Asked, “Who do you think is mostly to blame for the current state of the nation’s economy,” respondents said:
The Bush Administration – 30 percent
“Wall Street and financial institutions” – 22 percent
Congress – 13 percent
The Obama Administration – 8 percent
Yes, more people blamed government. Combining the Bush and Obama administrations and Congress, government’s total was 51 percent.  But Bush got most of the blame, and Congress came in second. That’s quite an accomplishment for Bush, given how much people hate Congress.
And “Wall Street and financial institutions” – a much tighter target than “business” – was second on the blame list.
As always, be skeptical about sweeping claims based on ideologues’ polls.
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# dap916
Tuesday, November 02, 2010 5:10 PM
Ah...c'mon, Gary...what a silly post. I mean...the NY Times? Their poll???

HAHAHAHA...Even your "national poll" site doesn't come up with anything when you click on it.

Silly...get with the program, my friend. Far left liberal beliefs are in the minority in our country and always have been. Obama won because he was a real "change" from the scourge of the Bush years....but, it didn't take long for the VAST majority of Americans to see that Obama was nothin' like what he made himself out to be and it didn't take long for those that believe in capitalism, self-sufficiency, hard work, taking care of your family, minimal government involvement in our lives to see that Obama and his followers (few as they really are) are not of those beliefs.

Good riddence to them. God Bless our country (oops, sorry, libs...I mentioned God in this post. I know that's an abomination to you folks).
# Carbine
Tuesday, November 02, 2010 7:26 PM
At 51% government, 22% business, I'd say all your post has done is validate Civitas' point. Thanks.

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