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That was a flash of steel Governor Perdue showed, firing Kenneth Lay. And there may be more to come.
John Hood of the John Locke Foundation said at the John Locke Luncheon Wednesday that a Republican legislature could be the best thing to happen to the Governor.
She would no longer have to dance with the legislative donkey. She could throw darts at the elephant – and delight the peanut gallery.
That could shore up shaky Democrats. And sharpen her image.
Firing Lay (nobody calls it a firing, but clearly it was) was a good move. So was bringing in David Hoyle.
Here’s another good idea, Governor: Fire the nitwit who’s running the Employment Security Commission.
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# Carbine
Thursday, September 30, 2010 11:47 PM
The JLF crowd are right (as usual), but with one caveat. It may be great sport for Perdue to "throw darts" at a Republican controlled legislature, but it won't improve her image with the independents she's going to need to win back in order to keep her job in 2012. Especially if she's pitted against a non-legislative opponent--like Pat McRory.
# Brunette
Saturday, October 02, 2010 3:36 PM
I really don't see how firing Kenneth Lay showed "steel" so much as it confirmed her need to be surrounded by cronies. David Hoyle a good move? The man has no moral fiber, operates under the old rules -- the very ones that have been landing the democrats in so much trouble lately -- and is perfectly emblematic of the fact that Perdue is part of the good ole boys network and will do absolutely nothing to effect meaningful change in this state.

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