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“Controlled choice” is all the buzz now in the Wake schools debate.
This has the whiff of one of those oxymoronic (with the emphasis on “moron”) political/policy phrases that sounds great but never quite works out in practice.
Remember George W. Bush’s “compassionate conservatism”?
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# dap916
Wednesday, July 28, 2010 9:43 AM
Well ain't you a big "bus or nothin'" kinda guy !!!

Look, I'm not real happy with Wake County now trying to work out a compromise vs. neighborhood schools, but I have read a good news story on this and it looks like what they're considering is not only getting favorable "look-sees" from the public and the board but actually might be a reasonable resolution if tweeked right.

Here's the link to the story I referred to:

Highlight it, copy it and then past it to your task line.

I think some folks (like Gary) aren't going to support ANYTHING the Wake County republicans suggest or try to do because of that dreaded "R" complex they have.

Oh, and that remark about Bush's "compassionate conservatism"....really ludicrous and totally apples & oranges.

Again, I am for neighborhood schools, but am not so damn hard-headed and anti-opposition party that I won't allow good alternatives to surface and be presented. Wish everyone was like that.

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