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The Gulf oil spill set off massive responses. No, not the ones to stop the leak or clean up the spill. The political responses: Republicans and the media trying to stick the gooey blame on President Obama – and the White House, to keep it away.
Sarah (“Drill, baby, drill”) Palin says the spill proves Obama is too close to Big Oil.
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who used to say the federal government did too much, now says it isn’t doing enough.
The 24-hour media beast is in full frenzy. James Carville worked himself into a frothing diatribe about Obama’s response.
Obama – as usual – made a calm and reasonable defense of himself yesterday. You may have missed it in the N&O, as it was overshadowed by his visit with the Duke basketball team.
His handling of the spill fits the cool and somewhat distant approach he always seems to take in a crisis – going back to his campaign.
Obama operates at a different temperature level from most politicians. Bill Clinton would have been down there the first day hugging people and pelicans. George Bush – after spending the first few weeks clearing brush on his ranch – would be stumbling all over his tongue to make amends by now.
Obama is more like Ronald Reagan, keeping a somewhat-regal distance.
It’s no small matter cleaning up a catastrophe that looks like some kind of karmic message to us from Earth: “You want oil? Take this!”
The science and the consequences of all this are beyond me. The politics I can grasp. And if Obama keeps this mess from sticking to him, he will have pulled off an amazing feat.
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# Brunette
Friday, May 28, 2010 1:44 PM
It's so true. The same cool demeanor that earned Obama plaudits during the campaign is being used to bash him now when the cameras want outrage and tears. I hope Obama doesn't cater to that. It would be like the time Dan Rather started wearing sweaters to look cuddlier and more Uncle Walter-esque. It didn't work.
# Aristotle
Friday, May 28, 2010 2:36 PM
Has Obama yet come up with an excuse as to why he ignored the Tennessee floods?
# anonymous
Friday, May 28, 2010 4:02 PM
This presentation by Gary and then the "follow-up" by Brunette is absolutely and totally amazing on this issue. After the Exxon Valdese "accident", the mainstream media and the left pundits ran all over Bush for him not responding after like 14 days of the incident. Obama is now responding after what...about 31 days? He made the statement that he has been involved "since day one", yet even many of his fellow lib/dems and even those in Louisana have been saying "where are you, Mr. Obama?".

Look you people can defend this idiot we have as a president all you want but sooner or later you just HAVE to realize that all the innuendo and spin and polititalk just isn't gettin' it.

Obama has even admitted himself that he has mishandled the oil spill...and, no, I don't have a link....I saw it LIVE on CNN...'nuff said. He is all about saying he is in charge and then he is all about blaming BP. I blame BP...not the government for the disaster. I blame the White House for just laying back and not reacting to the consequences that this disaster would having...on the people in Louisana.

I give the MSM credit for downplaying the lack of response by Obama. They're good...VERY good at making sure there is no negative reaction to Obama and his administration on just about anything.

Brunette...Gary....look into your educated minds. No, don't look into your political minds. What do you see here? I don't care if you respond to me..that's not gonna happen. Respond to yourselfs.
# carbine
Saturday, May 29, 2010 10:50 PM
How it must hurt Democrats to see their president NOT 'emoting' over the poor, hurting little people of the gulf coast. They've made such maudlin displays a mainstay of their approach to governance, and now they're stuck with a president who eschews that technique.

But what's this baloney about Obama being "more like Ronald Reagan?" Reagan was a man. Obama...well, I guess he could still grow up one day.

Logic Connection
# Logic Connection
Sunday, May 30, 2010 9:52 AM
Maybe for Gary's next post, we'll get a defense of why the president is spending Memorial Day in Chicago instead of Arlington.

It's not too hard keeping an issue from sticking to you when you have a willing accomplice in the press.
# Brunette
Monday, May 31, 2010 5:25 PM
Didn't hurt me, Carbine. I like that our President is who he is. And no, we Democrats haven't made 'emoting' or "maudlin displays" a mainstay of approach to governance. Your tea-baggers are definitely into that sort of drama, but not "no-drama Obama," thank heavens. George Bush, who was completely disengaged intellectually, was good about offering hugs. I much prefer Obama's intelligence and cool under pressure.
Wednesday, June 02, 2010 6:08 AM
The cool one has the answer.
Stay on golf course, and send a bunch of lawyers down to the Gulf Coast.
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