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A fellow’d rather be wrestling a swamp full of alligators than to be in the new School Board Chairman Ron Margiotta’s shoes. The board’s only met twice and Margiotta’s already been ripped and torn by our local up in arms, mad as Comanche liberals.
What Margiotta’s done to get local liberals upset is trampling on one of their sacred principles: ‘Diversity.’
Diversity goes right to the bone of what a liberal believes and he’ll fight for it tooth and nail and in the process, it appears from the school board meetings, he’ll have more fun being morally indignant then he can bear.
The fireworks started the minute Margiotta’s gavel hit the desk at the board’s last meeting and announced he wanted to hire lawyer Tom Farr to be the new board’s attorney. No sooner were the words out of his mouth than the former chairman gasped – My God, he’s a Republican.
Apparently, when it comes to diversity Republican lawyers (who are a minority) have no rights at all.
Next, maybe realizing he’d been indiscreet the former Chairman recovered and explained, I mean he’ll be too partisan.
The law firm the former Chairman hired to handle the board’s legal work is headed by former Democratic Party Chairman Wade Smith, a fine fellow and excellent lawyer who’s as partisan a Democrat as you’ll ever meet.
Well, the meeting simmered along then Margiotta took another tiny step toward putting a stop to busing students for diversity and, right off, a lady stood up and wailed, Don’t take us back 40 years.
Ma’am, I wish it was possible but it just ain’t. Urbanization and getting rich have killed the Old South. We had a better chance at winning the Civil War than we have at turning the clock back to the 1960s.
Then another liberal stood up and let fly and accused Margiotta of turning the clock back ever further, saying he was a throwback to the ‘Jim Crow and racist past.’
That had to puzzle Margiotta who’s from New Jersey and Italian and probably never figured he’d get compared to Theodore Bilbo.
One other thing is truly amazing about these liberals: How they march in lockstep. How when it comes to their ideology they’re not diverse at all. They form a phalanx and grim-faced start marching, and watching them you can’t help but get the feeling they’re ready to treat their opponents the way the Inquisition treated witches – burning at the stake.
And if I had to bet, I’d bet they are going to win – because when they’re done demonstrating and raising Cain and having what amounts to a good old-fashioned hissy fit they’ll have raised such a tempest voters will want to get shed of the whole thing so they can have a moment’s quiet and if the price of peace is voting out the school board they’ll figure it beats the alternative.
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