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There was a pretty glowing report in the paper Wednesday about the Copenhagen Summit, saying just about everyone’s agreed to compensate poor countries for preserving forests and swamps. (Just think, once, not too long ago draining a swamp was a virtue).
It seems the big hurdle standing in the way of an agreement was how to define a forest – but, somehow, the climate experts got that worked out and rolled on glowingly gushing how it’s a dead certain absolute fact exactly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions are due to folks chopping down forests and how this deal is a bonanza for everyone from poor countries to multi-national conglomerates – so just about everyone in Copenhagen is for it.
But the report never mentioned one thing.
Where does the ‘compensation’ – the cash going to the third world nations – come from?
The answer is from you – Mr. U.S. Taxpayer.
That’s right. The federal deficit is a trillion dollars, unemployment is 11%, and your money is going to Bangladesh – to pay them not to drain a swamp.
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Tired O. Hearinit
# Tired O. Hearinit
Friday, December 18, 2009 12:01 AM
Do you know why we there's a suggestion that we pay (a portion) of mitigating this problem??? WE CREATED IT! Yeah, I know that goes against your sacred "personal responsibility," saying you're all for personal responsibility, except of course, when it comes to the actual responsibility part.

And another thing, why do people like you always dwell on the absolute smallest, most insignificant costs, causes, minutiae, and other ridiculousness? You're worried about taxes? Then cut something that actually makes up a large portion of our taxes. Propose we cut something that actually costs something, like the trillion we're gonna spend this year on the military and wars, the hundred of billions for roads, Medicare, or the absolutely unsustainable and bankrupting private costs of health care. But you won't do that will you? Why? Because you most certainly know that it would be hard to actually address these tough problems so you bring up emotion-wrenching BS (taxes, boo hoo), that is nearly so insignificant that a reasonable person wouldn't even bother mentioning it.

But a couple billion for a mess we caused that is projected to cause trillions? Get a life. Pay the bill, write it off as moral arbitrage, so you can go back to feeling justified and certain in your own rightness.

Do you have a proposed solution? A new path to take? Something other than bitching and moaning over, God forbid, our money going to a nation of a 160 million people that we're helping to displace? Do you have a thought or you just trying to stir up some good ole' emotion in Joe the Plumber?
Monday, February 22, 2010 2:44 AM
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