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Columnist Rick Horowitz may be the sharpest tongued liberal around. He probably doesn’t mean much harm but sometimes when he writes he sounds like he has the disposition of a water moccasin.

The other day in a column he called Dick Cheney ‘greedy…vain…and scared’ then panned Cheney for ‘dishing the dirt.’

Now he’s aimed his double edged pen at Senator Jeff Sessions for not kowtowing to liberal cause célèbre Sonia Sotomayor.

Sessions did get a little senatorially windy and high-blown – but nothing he said about Sotomayor held a candle to what Horowitz said about him.

Given a Senate Hearing with a white male with a drawl opposing a Hispanic Female, Horowitz let fly and played the race card. And you’ve got to give him credit how he did it was a pretty clever. He wrote a column pretending he was inside Sessions brain, hearing what Sessions was thinking as he stared across the Senate Hearing Room at Judge Sotomayor. Horowitz has Sessions ruminating this way:

                   ‘I am truth. I am certainty. I am facts. I am objectivity

                                personified. I AM THE WHITE GUY.’

Then, to make sure no one missed his point, Horowitz poured coal-oil on the fire, adding seven more stanzas (each showing Sessions as more arrogant) and each ending with ‘I AM THE WHITE GUY’.

In the end Sessions comes across as a cross between a Senator Foghorn Claghorn and an uncouth lower than pond scum redneck from Alabama.

But Horowitz doesn’t come off too well either: Instead of sounding like the enlightened, liberated, uplifting defender of liberal orthodoxy he had in mind he comes across as the Twenty-First Century version of the Grand Inquisitor – ready to put the thumbscrews on any heretic quicker than Torquemada.

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